Your IMAP server is probably slow to answer, if reachable at all.
Can you do the following and give us the results here:

 * The configured IP address of your /imap_frontend/, /imap/ and
   /smtp_out/ hosts for your domain.
 * On the opush machine, /telnet <ip address of the IMAP server> 143/
 * Increase the IMAP timeout of opush, as documented in
   http://docs.obm.org/opush/opush.html#_mail_configuration, then
   restart opush and try again.

And please send a complete log file exposing the issue, not just the stacktrace.


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Le 05/01/2016 16:15, Benoit CROQUIN a écrit :

1.Reference : OBMFULL-6446 <https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6446>

Dear Sir,
We face up with a synchronisation problem.
Mobile devices like phones are no more synchronized with obm.
If the devices are well listed in obm configuration page as shown in enclosed file : periphMobile.JPG, there is no first synchronisation. Opush log file contains ERROR log on ImapTimeoutException, this error occured at every synchronisation attempt, as shown in opush.log enclosed file. After restarting opush service, obm-tomcat service and even the VM, the problem still persists. After removing and re-installing opush and obm-sync, the problem still persists.
Could you provide us some information to debug this issue please ?
Does a file or a record in tables opush_* lock this synchronisation process ?
Best regards,
Benoit Croquin

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