Jangan salah pak Eka Corp Tax memang mau diturunkan tapi GST-nya mau dinaikkan 
- target 10% dari sekarang yg 5%, It is easier for rich people to get richer 
indeed :)

 Corporate tax to go down by at least 1%: MM Lee

By Valarie Tan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 21 January 2007 0026 hrs

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam : Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew says Singapore's 
corporate tax is to go down by at least one percentage point to attract more 
investors to Singapore.

He did not specify when this will take place but said that this will make 
Singapore more competitive in the long run.

Mr Lee was speaking to reporters in Ho Chi Minh City on the last day of his 
official trip to Vietnam.

MM Lee, who had visited the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, said investors 
are not in Singapore simply because they like the country. It's because 
Singapore offers them better returns than other places in the region.

And Singapore, he stressed has to remain attractive to investors.

One way is to bring down its corporate tax which now at 20%.

Said Mr Lee: "Hong Kong's income tax is 17%. In Ireland, its 14-15%. So we're 
going to bring it down (by) at least by 1 percentage point, and that's going to 
cost us four to five hundred million dollars. Then we're going to top the lower 
income to make sure they do not stagnate. And the GST has to go up for the next 
5 years. We have to do this either now, or next year or the year after. So 
let's do it now."

And Mr Lee added that the proposed GST increase is in line with where 
Singapore's economy is heading next.

That is why it is necessary, even though Singaporeans will complain about the 

"Popular government does not mean you have to be popular when you govern. All 
it means is at the end of your term, you've done all the unpopular things that 
were necessary to get you where you have to go and you get there. You're 
successful and everybody's better off. That's how we govern," said the Minister 

"If you govern by the polls, just keeping them happy for the next day, you'll 
be in trouble (because) we'll never make any progress."

The government has promised there will be an offset package to help the needy 
cope with the proposed two percentage point hike in the GST.

And Mr Lee said Singapore is not alone when it comes to a widening income gap 
caused by globalisation. But he expects things to equalise in the next 10 
years, depending on how fast lesser developed countries can catch up and be on 
par in skills with Singaporeans.

By then, a new steady state will be struck between the higher and lower income 
groups. - CNA /ls

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        Pajak naik pengangguran bertambah!!!

        Singapura Berencana Turunkan Pajak Korporat 
        Senin, 22 Januari 2007 

  Jakarta (Indofinanz) - Berbeda dengan Indonesia yang cenderung berupaya 
meningkatkan penerimaan pajak dengan berbagai cara pungutan, pemerintah 
Singapura malah melakukan hal sebaliknya. Demi mempertahankan daya kompetisi, 
negeri singa itu berencana menurunkan pajak perusahaan (korporat) minimal 1 
persen dari yang berlakukan saat ini sebesar 20 persen. 
  Penasihat Senior Singapura, Lee Kuan Yew, seperti dikutip Sunday Times, 
Minggu (21/01), mengatakan, pemotongan pajak ini merupakan bagian dari strategi 
untuk meningkatkan daya saing sehingga investor datang bukan karena suka 
Singapura melainkan karena Singapura lebih baik dari negara lain. 
  Singapura ingin mengikuti jejak Hong Kong yang menerapkan pajak perusahaan 
sebesar 17,5 persen dan merupakan salah satu yang terendah di dunia


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