Wikimedia CH is looking for a HTML/Node.js/JavaScript/CSS contractor to help 
with Kiwix, the offline Wikipedia reader 

The Kiwix project ( <>, <>) is an offline reader for web 
content. Contents are stored into a local ZIM file that can be browsed later on.

Although Kiwix' main use is that of an offline Wikipedia reader, it also 
supports other kinds of content (other Wikimedia projects, Stackoverflow, TED 
talks, etc.)

The ZIM archive we currently generate from Wikimedia dumps is not very 
mobile-friendly. We need someone to modify the scrapper 
( <> in 
Node.js) so as subsequently to improve/preprocess the html/css/js content.A 
list of task can be found here:
* <>

This is a free (as in free speech) project, so a bit of experience with 
interacting with a community would be a plus. But any one can join.

If you're interested, please send an email to 
Emmanuel Engelhart < 
<>> and 
Matthieu Gautier < <>>
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