10 years ago we have launched the Kiwix project to bring Wikipedia to
people with no or a bad access to Internet. Today, we are really proud
to see that we have achieved to do that, and even more.

All of this would not have been made possible without a committed team
of volunteers and the strong support of Wikimedia Switzerland. Thanks to
them (and a few other ones) we have achieved to:
* Make Wikipedia readable offline on (almost) all kind of devices
* Provide monthly updates of all Wikimedia projects
* Provide an open-source/standardised offline technology re-usable for
any kind of web content with openZIM
* Build offline versions of various projects like Gutenberg, TEDs,
Vikidia, Youtube, ...

With the additional help of dozens of partners, which spread content and
technology in the field, we can track around 1M of users a year... and
strongly believe this is the "tip of the iceberg".

Luckily, in the last 10 years, we have done a lot of progresses in the
Internet access. That said, around half of the world population still
does not have an access to Internet and censorship is a raising and
already extremely serious problem.

As a consequence, we will be pretty busy in the next decade and will
continue to improve our technology and offer always better solutions to
read and spread free knowledge - offline.

We have made a blog post about our anniversary on Wikimedia blog, please
share it on the social networks:

Emmanuel Engelhart

Kiwix - Wikipedia Offline & more
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* Twitter: https://twitter.com/KiwixOffline
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