We need to defer the discussions around NVM and offloaded collectives.  We will 
still hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the following items:

1.4 release - schedule and status
        (there are 28 opened issues marked with the 1.4 milestone)
PR 2195/2196, issue 1975
        Proposals to handle limited (e.g. loopback only) providers
issue 2229
        Reporting synchronous AV insertion errors
issue 2335
        Are counters an optional or mandatory feature?
issue 2345
        Handle circular layering of utility providers
Streaming application support (e.g. emulating sockets)
Sabbatical 2016
        How my wife went to Hawaii.  Twice.  Without me.  Twice.

I anticipate the meeting being relatively short.  If anyone has additions to 
the agenda, please forward them to me.

- Sean
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