I have been working on a project to get some performance numbers for libfabric 
when run with Java bindings and have gotten to a point where I need to 
understand how the different end points are related, and what functionality 
they share.  I am primarily interested in plain endpoints, and passive 

>From what I can tell from fi_endpoint.h and fi_cm.h, fid_pep and fid_ep share 
>the method groups fi_ops_ep and fi_ops_cm.  It appears that in those methods, 
>if fid_t is used, any endpoint can be used and if fid_pep is used, a passive 
>endpoint must be used.

If fid_ep is used, could a passive endpoint use it, or does it have to be a 
normal endpoint?

Ive also noticed in methods like rx_ctx there are variables such as: fid_ep 
*sep.  Does this indicate only a scalable endpoint should be used?

Thanks for any clarifications!


Nathaniel Graham
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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