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Hi Dennis,

> So this is not in line with our patch submission guidelines.  See
I'm sorry. I missed that one. Hopefully I got the coding style right so

> We are not exposing glib into the oFono plugin API.  So the use of 
> GSList, etc data structures across driver <-> core boundary is not 
> possible.  The reasons are somewhat historic, but essentially
> non-GLib based plugins must be possible.  Also, oFono's use of GLib
> will be replaced by ell [1] in the future.
Interesting. Do you have any plans when and how the migratation will
be done?

> I'm still not quite sure what you're trying to solve with these
> changes? A bit more info on the motivation of the patches in the
> commit description would be helpful...

My motivation is to get rid of the generic part in the
modem drivers. E.g. look at the rild and atmodem, they have a lot
similiar code when parsing the call list.

So it would be nice to replace those. On the other side I've written a
voicecall driver for qmi which is using the call list, but I'm still
testing it.


PS. I better had tagged this patch RFC...
Alexander Couzens

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