Hi Alexander,

We are not exposing glib into the oFono plugin API.  So the use of
GSList, etc data structures across driver <-> core boundary is not
possible.  The reasons are somewhat historic, but essentially
non-GLib based plugins must be possible.  Also, oFono's use of GLib
will be replaced by ell [1] in the future.
Interesting. Do you have any plans when and how the migratation will
be done?

No concrete timelines, but most likely we will simply introduce a dependency on ell at some point and start converting code over until all traces of GLib are eradicated.

I'm still not quite sure what you're trying to solve with these
changes? A bit more info on the motivation of the patches in the
commit description would be helpful...

My motivation is to get rid of the generic part in the
modem drivers. E.g. look at the rild and atmodem, they have a lot
similiar code when parsing the call list.

So it would be nice to replace those. On the other side I've written a
voicecall driver for qmi which is using the call list, but I'm still
testing it.

Okay, I see now. In the ideal world the call state notification mechanism provides all the information needed so that a driver internal call list is not needed. See calypsomodem/voicecall.c for example.

For drivers that do use a call list, maybe we can put the common code into drivers/common/*.[ch] or so.

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