Hi all ,

We are planning to add a feature to handle sent SMS status . The available
OFONO APIs to use seems provided by *org.ofono.Message* but when i made
some tests
to catch the *PropertyChanged* signal on a sent SMS i notes that the result
is always "sent" (when out from TX) even on a wrong destination number .

# signal sender=:1.12 -> dest=(null destination) serial=105
   string "State"
   variant       string "sent"

Also the call of *org.ofono.Message.GetProperties*() on given message
object path will fail since ofono is removing to object after sending
(sms_tx_queue_remove_entry) .

So here the "sent" means that the message was treated and out from TX but
does not give the real state if it was delivered or not .
I made a try by adding History driver to our Gemalto drivers and it gives a
better result regarding SMS delivery status which meet our requirements.

To keep our ofono aligned with latest ofono updates, we want to upstream
our contributions so i want to get your opinion about a propasal upstream
candidate :

- Add history driver implementation to drivers/gemaltomodems/
- Add signal in plugins/gemalto.c  to notify the different sent messages
status  (indicated on enum*ofono_history_sms_status* )
- Then the signal can be consumed by any client after sending an SMS .

Please correct me if something wrong and if you have any sugesstion.

Thank you in advance !

Kind Regards,
Embedded Software Engineer
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