2 things in a hurry

#0.) SNA is *noooooo* option on any  Solaris, including latest native Oracle 
Solaris 11.3 with its own unmodified kernel code.
(see  https://openindiana.org/pipermail/oi-dev/2016-September/004835.html )

#1.) Independently of SNA after Intel-KMS footed X11 exits the console cannot 
get restored in text-mode with Illumos' ancient console driver.
I don't have my original mini-announcement at hand where I explained the 
top-surface of the reasons for this.
But after I spent all of April on this single issue I have no problems to make 
an Illumos-wide hacker competition: If any of the smartests Illumos hackers 
gets this feature working, he gets' 100 EUR from me.
I don't have 100EUR but it is safe for me to run such a competition, because 
*nobody* will be technically in a position to get this working with Illumos' 
(so far) current console driver and without vbios support in unix itself etc. 
This includes Randy Fishel, I invite everybody. Get this working and I'll give 
you 100EUR!
I have that all through. Ah btw, even the smartest FreeBSD and OpenBSD 
community members didn't get that working for Intel-KMS.

But what's the point: While the console cannot get restored (stdout), stdin 
stays intact. So one can blindly login and enter commands. And one can even 
blindly restart svcadm enable gdm.
All that works, the rest never ever will. I know what I am talking about, most 
others around anywhere don't, simply because they cannot, unless they spent 
half a year with the S12 KMS backport alone (leaving aside years of earlier DRM 
porting experience).

That's simply a fact.

For the VirtualBox release I think today evening it will finally happen.

best regards,
%martin bochnig

>Пятница, 16 сентября 2016, 23:29 UTC от Aurélien Larcher 
>Indeed, let me try to debug this week end.
>The drm driver crashes at Xorg exit, this should be fixed at least but
>maybe related to some issues Martin mentioned earlier.
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