FYI, to Vbox' userland Makefile I also added this, to hardwire it so nobody 
ever needs to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or other non-recommended practices:

CONFIGURE_ENV += LD_OPTIONS="-L/lib/amd64 -R/lib/amd64 -L/usr/lib/amd64 
-R/usr/lib/amd64 -L/usr/lib/qt/4.8/lib/amd64 -R/usr/lib/qt/4.8/lib/amd64"

For /lib/amd64 and /usr/lib/amd64 this could be left out (see

But it doesn't harm.
However, all this belongs into a new thread which will be posted on Saturday 
late evening/late night as soon as I return back home by then.

If we later upgrade qt4.8 to qt5.0 all symlinks in /usr/bin also need to get 
updated, and not sure if some symlinks should get added to /usr/include.
And in my personal view such symlinks are a *bad* idea, because they let you 
only have one supported qt version at a time, contradicting the clean approach 
of separating stuff fine via /usr/lib/qt/<version>
It's the same saga as we had in 2010 with Xorg migrating from /usr/X11(R6) to 

We deal with all that later.


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