Hi Aurelien,

my primary focus was to get virtualbox5.1.x finished first.
And I still have some server stuff on the roadmap (webservices [for it gsoap]) 
and VirtualBox vnc support.

That's why qt5 is really not urgent.
qt4 works fine for VirtualBox5.1.x

To change Qt and even to replace Qt4.8 totally with it (or only the symlinks to 
/usr?) involves *tons* of complexity if done right, beware the implications to 
all clients who depend on it. Will they all work fine on Qt5? I doubt that. Ao 
at least /usr/lib/qt/4.8 _must_ be preserved. And as said: The symlinks to 
prefix=/usr are _evil_, since they break multiversionism.
I'm glad you uploaded 64bit test bins built on *your* Hipster environment 
(where you don't appear to run into  
 unlike me on Hipster 2015 illumos-f83b46b).

I can later later give it a shot to see if VirtualBox would work with your bins 
better than with the ones I created here, as outlined in  

with all I would get was: "gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached 
to GtkMenuItem"

However, as you noticed independently of your email I kept working on vbox5_qt4 
all over the entire weekend night/day and funnily posted to list almost 
simultaneously as you: 

For now, "Good Night" and till later.
Tnx for your Qt5.8 bins - but as said, let's rather work on that slowly and 
test everything 500 times _first_.
Vbox will simply use Qt4.8 for the time being :)


>Понедельник, 19 сентября 2016, 8:41 UTC от Aurélien Larcher 
>if there is any interest, snapshot from Sept 15 2016:
>qt5.8-OI201604-20160915.tar.bz2 (91MB) @  http://ovh.to/w5Vjj1D
>It contains 32bit and 64bit builds installed in /usr/lib/qt/5.8.
>Best regards
>Praise the Caffeine embeddings
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