Hi to France!

Ok, sounds great, tnx.
It is essential that the two (or more) can peacefully co-exist in 
/usr/lib/qt/<version> for a migration period or perhaps forever..
But I must check again if the symlinks to /usr/bin (and /usr/include I believe 
to recall) are part of the same ips package as the bins at 
/usr/lib/qt/<version> or in a separate ips package (the latter is preferred). I 
must really have a look there again.

In that case everything is fine with even incorporating somewhat not 100% 
stable Qt5.8 bins.
Also good to know that you are working on Qt5 for the future if and when Oracle 
drops Qt4 support (really, the hard way) from VirtualBox sources in the.

Together with the virtualbox5 diffs I then also upload the qt5 hipster 
Yep, in theory the build structure would still be the same, and hence it was 
easy to update qt4 to 5.
But as you know: In theory theory and practice are always the same, in practice 
however they _never_ are.

And that brings me back to :

"gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached to GtkMenuItem"



And as you saw, with their described workaround it made manual intervention 
mandatory and more or less broke the old framework.
But it gives hope that you on your (more modern?) Hipster setup don't run into 
this anymore.
So in a while I simply need to upgrade my devel machine to the latest bits - 
then let's see if it solves this problem.

Regards from East-Berlin,

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