On 08/ 7/17 11:38 PM, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
On 08/08/17 12:42 AM, Gary Mills wrote:
When I'm publishing some oi-userland components on a SPARC machine, I
get an error message like this:

     ERROR lint.error Checker exception from userland.manifest1001 on
     pkg:/x11/library/libglew@1.13.0,5.11-2016.0.1.0: Illegal FMRI
     'pkg:/SUNWcs@0.5.11-0.152': No build version provided in Version
     constructor: (0.5.11-0.152, None)

followed by several warnings like this:

     WARNING pkglint.action005.1 obsolete dependency check skipped: unable
     to find dependency pkg:/SUNWcs@0.5.11-0.152 for

What does this all mean?  What should I do to correct the error?

Hi. The warning is harmless, but error is strange. It seems to come from this check: https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland/blob/d864e28b3dafa531d3f5ae1f9acb33fb754201ec/tools/python/pkglint/userland.py#L450

If it helps figuring it out, "build version" is what IPS calls the ",5.11"
part of the version string, which is mostly abandoned these days.


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