> On 7 Apr 2018, at 00:52, Gordon Ross <gordon.w.r...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just upgraded an older OI server to hipster (it was still running
> /dev) and after the upgrade it does not seem to have a boot loader.  I
> just changed the publisher, and did pkg image-update on a new BE.
> Did I do something wrong?
> The machine is in an office far away, so I'll have to wait until
> someone can put in a bootable usb stick for me.  Anything I should
> capture about the state of it before I reinstall the boot loader?
> Thanks,
> Gordon

uh, from dev… direct update to latest … I’m not really even sure it will work 
(properly). it used to require update to hipster-something first. Since /dev 
has only knowledge about  grub, there should not be any weirdness related.


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