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I just upgraded an older OI server to hipster (it was still running
/dev) and after the upgrade it does not seem to have a boot loader.  I
just changed the publisher, and did pkg image-update on a new BE.
Did I do something wrong?

The machine is in an office far away, so I'll have to wait until
someone can put in a bootable usb stick for me.  Anything I should
capture about the state of it before I reinstall the boot loader?


uh, from dev… direct update to latest … I’m not really even sure it will work 
(properly). it used to require update to hipster-something first. Since /dev 
has only knowledge about  grub, there should not be any weirdness related.

I did this (dev to hipster) recently.

I started off by following this page:


I did an intermediate update to the hipster-2015 repo and still ran into a hiccup or three along the way.

One thing I encountered in the second stage (2015->2018) of the update was that a hipster-2015 bootadm update-archive running on a hipster-2018 alternate root doesn't produce functional archives (because the new system only has 64-bit kernel parts).

I got past that one by booting an old BE, mounting the new BE, and then running bootadm from the new BE to rebuild the archives.

This was apparently fixed by https://www.illumos.org/issues/8142 ; to get past it cleanly you need to update to a build with the fix for 8142 before updating to a 64-bit-only build.

Further discussion here:


This should probably be added to the flag day notices at https://wiki.illumos.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1147745

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