On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 10:39:22AM +0200, Till Wegmüller wrote:
> PKG uses it's own PATH variable to find libraries. Think of -I for GCC
> for example. And that has been modified to include
> usr/lib/libjpeg6-ijg/lib already but now also needs usr/gcc/6/lib to be
> added.

Are you saying that pkg does not use the runtime path from the ELF
section at all?  The runtime linker certainly uses that.

/usr/gcc/6 is the default compiler for the 2018 version of OI that I'm
using.  Surely that element is already in the runtime path that's used
by pkg.  I'd expect that jpeg library path to be the one that's

> You can override that by either:
> - Setting the dependency in the manifest manually and add
> pkg.depend-bypass to the files that complain or
> - Modify the Include path PKG searches. I am however unsure which exact
> knob in oi-userland to tweak here.

Do you have examples from other packages of these two techniques?
I'd like to start with something that works.

> You should see the override either in the Makefile or the Manifest look
> for "usr/lib/libjpeg6-ijg/lib" mentioned there.

There's nothing in either for the print/cups-filters package.

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