--- Comment #4 from Michael Weghorn <> ---
Thank you for your quick reply. This sounds like your problem might be
unrelated to the actual file name, so I suggest to use the file without special
characters for now.

Can you post the output shown on the command line when you run okular from the
command line?

    okular /home/stardiviner/Org/Wiki/Thought/Data/Books/kk.epub

Are there any other error messages or warnings shown in Okular that might give
a hint about the problem?

Can you open other epub files in Okular?

The "Platform" field in this bug report indicates that you are using Arch
Linux. Is that correct? Are you using the Okular version that comes packaged
with Arch?
(I haven't checked yet, but it might be that Arch builds Okular without support
for epub files.)

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