Devin Ulibarri is returning from Japan, where he ran a number of Music
Blocks workshops. While he was there, he also met with METI (the Japanese
ministry of economics, trade, and industry), which has a interest in STEM
education and with whom he initiated talks about doing a large-scale
initiative in Japan. He has been invited back to follow up on the work at a
school in Yolohama and to have follow-up meetings with METI. He is
requesting funds to support his travel:

* between US $800-1200 for airfare; and
* approximately $40 for local transportation in Japan

He has accomodations accounted for and hence does need funds for a hotel.

Motion 2018-02: Provide Devin Ulibarri with travel money for March
workshops and follow-up meetings in Japan of an amount not exceeding US


Additional background on the trip privided by Devin can be found below:

The main gist is that the Yokohama Frontier High School (,html) does
special science festivals about once a year and they would like me to be
their special guest in March (3/16). For planning purposes (and for the
best airfare rate), it is important to know whether the airfare would be
paid for in advance. I asked if they have a budget to pay for airfare for
their guests and they do not.

I will try to schedule one or two additional meetings around that time as
well, if possible. For example, I would like to meet with METI (Ministry of
Economics, Trade, and Industry) once, perhaps the Friday before, and try to
do a couple workshop at a middle school in Tokyo that expressed interest.

It is the same school as described in these blogs:

(They were impressed with the initial showcase, so they asked me back to be
the special guest in March. That is how this got started.)

The school is asking for various information (e.g. translated bio,
translated C.V. and Resume), which I am preparing right now. I am almost
complete with all of the documents, including a "What is Music Blocks?"
slideshow presentation in Japanese, of which the most recent draft(s) may
be accessed at:


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