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> Walter,
> As always, I am ready to assist with i18n/L10n efforts as needed.  In the
> past we've had an active Japanese localizer, but it has not been a priority
> language for recruiting.  Efforts like this are wonderful opportunities to
> reach out to an online language community at other projects to let them
> know that their work is destined in real-time for a particular audience,
> which can be quite motivating.  It is also an opportunity to recruit new
> stakeholders to the L10n effort to benefit all.
> https://translate.sugarlabs.org/ja/

Devin speaks Japanese and has been working with a colleague from Japan who
is familiar with all of the specialized music terms so for the moment, we
are in good shape. (Devin also translated the guide into Japanese.)


> cjl
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> wrote:
>> Devin Ulibarri is returning from Japan, where he ran a number of Music
>> Blocks workshops. While he was there, he also met with METI (the Japanese
>> ministry of economics, trade, and industry), which has a interest in STEM
>> education and with whom he initiated talks about doing a large-scale
>> initiative in Japan. He has been invited back to follow up on the work at a
>> school in Yolohama and to have follow-up meetings with METI. He is
>> requesting funds to support his travel:
>> * between US $800-1200 for airfare; and
>> * approximately $40 for local transportation in Japan
>> He has accomodations accounted for and hence does need funds for a hotel.
>> Motion 2018-02: Provide Devin Ulibarri with travel money for March
>> workshops and follow-up meetings in Japan of an amount not exceeding US
>> $1250.
>> ----
>> Additional background on the trip privided by Devin can be found below:
>> The main gist is that the Yokohama Frontier High School (
>> http://www.edu.city.yokohama.lg.jp/school/hs/sfh/index.cfm/37,html) does
>> special science festivals about once a year and they would like me to be
>> their special guest in March (3/16). For planning purposes (and for the
>> best airfare rate), it is important to know whether the airfare would be
>> paid for in advance. I asked if they have a budget to pay for airfare for
>> their guests and they do not.
>> I will try to schedule one or two additional meetings around that time as
>> well, if possible. For example, I would like to meet with METI (Ministry of
>> Economics, Trade, and Industry) once, perhaps the Friday before, and try to
>> do a couple workshop at a middle school in Tokyo that expressed interest.
>> It is the same school as described in these blogs:
>> https://musicblocks.net/2018/01/02/translation-of-yokohama-s
>> cience-frontier-blog-article-of-devins-visit-on-12-16-2017/
>> https://musicblocks.net/2018/01/02/devins-travels-in-japan/
>> (They were impressed with the initial showcase, so they asked me back to
>> be the special guest in March. That is how this got started.)
>> The school is asking for various information (e.g. translated bio,
>> translated C.V. and Resume), which I am preparing right now. I am almost
>> complete with all of the documents, including a "What is Music Blocks?"
>> slideshow presentation in Japanese, of which the most recent draft(s) may
>> be accessed at:
>> https://owncloud.libretools.com/index.php/s/huL6h3MgPf7e9g8
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