The Third IEEE International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and
URL : http://big-dataservice.net/
April 6th - April 8th, 2017
Venue: Hotel Sofitel, 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City - California, USA

We have successfully delivered IEEE BigDataService 2015 in Redwood
City, California, USA. IEEE BigDataService 2016 had over 12 tracks,
over regular papers, 18 short papers, and 4 poster papers, which are
selected from 160 paper submissions from different countries over the
world. There were more than 400 people attended the conference.Now we
are issuing the call for papers for the IEEE Big Data Service 2017.

*Important Dates:*

Workshop proposals submission:

October 1, 2016

Tutorial proposals submission:

October 1, 2016

Full paper submission:

November 14, 2016

Author notification:

December 22, 2016

Camera-ready submission and registration:

January 31, 2017


April 6 - April 8, 2017

BigData Computing and Services are receiving significant attention
recently. The IEEE BigDataService 2017 conference provides a platform for
researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas, latest research
results, as well as practical experience and lessons learnt on this topic.
Its major interests include big data applications in various domains such
as healthcare, business and financing, education and learning, social
networks and media, smart environment, sensors and Internet of Things as
well as technology aspects such as computing services and architecture,
modeling, data mining and analytics, and databases. The conference will be
co-located with IEEE SOSE 2017, IEEE MobileCloud 2017, and IEEE Crowd
Sourcing 2017.

IEEE BigDataService 2017 will consist of main tracks and special tracks.
The conference will also include the International Workshop on Intelligent
Big Data Systems. The conference seeks the submission of high-quality
papers limited to 10 pages (IEEE format) in length. All accepted papers
will be included in the proceedings.

*Topics of Interest*

The conference invites papers addressing original research on big data
service and their applications. Topics of interest include (but are not
limited to) the following:

l   *Computing and Service*

o   Big data scalable computing models, theories, and algorithms

o   Big data service models, collection, validation, analysis, and

o   Big data service frameworks, platforms, solutions and tools

o   Big data computing infrastructures, platforms, and SaaS

o   Big data computing service businesses, billing, protocols, APIs

o   Big data-as-a-service (Big DaaS)

o   Mobile big data computing and services

o   Big data add-value computing services

2   *Modeling, Sharing Technologies and Platforms*

o   Innovative, concurrent, and scalable big data intelligence analysis

o   Big data knowledge extraction, discovery, analysis, presentation, and

o   Big data knowledge integration, merging, migration, and transformation

o   Big data based reference, ranking, decision making, and prediction

o   Big data knowledge indexing, classification, sharing, and assembly

o   Big data knowledge-based open-source development and technology

o   Big data based knowledge system development and tools

3   *Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering*

o   Big data modeling and banking methods in data indexing, classification,
integration, merging, and migration

o   Big Data DB, CLOUD DB, and NOSQL DB, and Hadoop solutions and technology

o   Big Data policies, processes and standards in collection, store,
accesses, and sharing

o   Big Data validation, certification, and quality assurance

o   Big Data sharing and access protocols, methods, processes, and
platforms and technologies

4   *Applications*

o   Big data research application and service systems in multi-media and
social networking

o   Big data based energy and environment control, evaluation and management

o   Big data research applications and service systems in hospitality,
tourism, transportation and urban planning

o   Enterprise, industry and business

o   Bio-Medical and healthcare services

o   Process and bioprocess applications

o   Innovative Applications

*Emerging Tracks:*

  Big Data Sensing and Internet of Things Services

  Big Data Networking

  Big Data Security

  Smart City Big Data

*Special Tracks*

As mentioned above, IEEE BigDataService 2017 will feature the following
special tracks.

l   *Industry Track*

Emerging big data platforms for enterprises

Industrial solutions for big data applications

Challenges in adoption of big data technologies

l   *Visionary Track*

Creative big data service models and applications

Visionary ideas, long-term challenges, and new research opportunities

l   *International Workshop on Intelligent Big Data Systems (IBDS 2016)*

*Paper Submission:*

Submit papers in the PDF format via URL below.


Paper manuscripts should be prepared following the IEEE Computer Society
Press Proceedings Author Guidelines at:


*Page Limit:*

*Research Paper: 10 pages (in IEEE Format)*

Papers in the class will be evaluated by the relevance, significance,
originality, clarity, and technical merit.

*Project Experience and Case Study Report: (up to 6 pages)*

Papers in this class will be evaluated by the relevance, clarity, and value
to the research community

*Survey/Tutorial Papers: 10 pages*

Papers in this class will be evaluated by the coverage of the up-to-date
literature, relevance, soundness, technical validity, insightful
discussion, timeliness, well-structure and clarity.

*Publication: *

All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings, which
will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press and included in IEEE
Xplore Digital Library with EI-Index. At least one author of each accepted
paper must attend the symposium to present the work.

*General Conference Chairs:*

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Florida Atlantic University, USA (khosh...@fau.edu)

Jerry Gao, San Jose State University, USA (jerry....@sjsu.edu)

*Program Committee Chairs:*

Simon Shim, San Jose State University, USA (simon.s...@sjsu.edu)

Latifur Khan, University of Texas at Dallas, USA (lk...@utdallas.edu)

YiFeng Zeng, Teesside University, UK (yifeng.zeng...@gmail.com)


If you have any questions, please contact: ieeebigdataserv...@gmail.com, or
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