This is to inform you that we've extended the proposal submission deadline.
Currently, we are in the process of editing a forthcoming book tentatively 
entitled Internet of Things: Technologies, Applications and Implementations, to 
be published by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), a top-notch international 
publisher of academic research ( We would like to 
take this opportunity to cordially invite you to submit your work for 
consideration in these publications.
We are HIGHLY interested in overview chapters on these specific subjects(but we 
also accept proposals/chapters covering other subjects/areas). Authors who have 
some novel research work, comparative studies, surveys, etc., can also send 
their proposals.
We are HIGHLY interested in the following chapters:
- Introduction (History, Definitions, Concepts) 

- IoT Ecosystem - IoT Architectures - Standards and Interoperability in IoT - 
Sustainability & Green IoT - Implementation Issues (Tools and Platforms, 
Architecture, Governance and Management Strategies) - Required Regulations and 
Legislation for IoT - Business aspects, models and opportunities of IoT - 
Addressing, Naming, Brokering and Discovery of Things - Data Management 
(processing, storage, compression, encryption, storage, data models, analytics 
and visualization, security and privacy) - Governance and General Management 
Aspects of IoT - Social Implications of IoT - IoT Security Threats and 
Countermeasures - Authentication, Authorization, Privacy, and Trust - IoT 
Enabling Technologies (WBAN/BAN/BSN, WSN, RFID, NFC, etc.) - Communication 
Networks, Standards and Protocols in IoT - Cloud Computing for IoT - Fog 
Computing in IoT - SDN, LTE, Narrowband, etc., for IoT - IoT and Big Data - 
Hardware Architectures and Devices in IoT - Industrial Internet of Things 
(IIoT)/ IoT in Manufacturing - Wearables - Building and Home Automation - IoT 
Applications in Disaster Prediction and Monitoring (various areas) - IoT 
Applications in Smart Cities - IoT Applications in Healthcare - IoT 
Applications in Environment - IoT Applications in 
Transportation/Automotive/Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) - IoT Applications 
in Supply Chain Management - Applications, Implementations and Case Studies
For more details regarding the book, please visit: Submission dates and 
chapter template, as well as author guides are available on this link.
Proposals, chapters and inquiries should be submitted to Dr. Qusay Hassan on There is no template for the proposals. However, they 
should clearly describe the topic of the chapter, and list the tentative 
sections alongside a rough estimate of their lengths. Proposals should also 
include authors' information (names, affiliations, emails, and short bios).
Deadline for accepting chapter proposals has been extended to October 13, 2016. 
Full submission deadline for NEW proposals will be end of November; those who 
already submitted their proposals should send their full chapters by mid 
November. These publications are anticipated to be released in 2017.
Finally, we would appreciate if you can share this invitation with your 
colleagues, and we apologize if you have received this call multiple times. 
Thank you very much for your consideration of this invitation, and we hope to 
hear from you soon.

Regards,Qusay F. Hassan, Ph.D.On Behalf of the Book Editorial Board
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