It's here!

LX Support is now folded into illumos-omnios:master, and therefore is now ready 
for OmniOS bloody updates... like this one.

uname -v says omnios-master-3fd4b56, and that is the commit of 
illumos-omnios:master which generated this update.  omnios-build is at 5f132cf.

New with this update:

* LX Beta SUPPORT -- If you've been following the LX threads here, you know 
what's been happening.  A new README.OmniOS on the top-level of illumos-omnios 
covers what was once in the "io-lx" gate.  Going forward, this support is 
considered to be Beta.  This will include when r151020 ships.  We need to sort 
out various administrative issues, as well as keep up with Joyent's progress.  
Feedback will be appreciated.

* NSS is now 3.26

* libdbus-glib is now 0.108

* dbus is 1.11.4

* diffutils is now 3.5

* expat is now 2.2.0

* gawk is now 4.1.4

* gettext is now

* Git is now 2.10.0

* gnu-make is now 4.2.1

* gnump/gmp is now 6.1.1

The repo is now obsolete.  For this update, it 
matches bloody, but going forward it will not receive updates until the next 
bloody cycle, IF AT ALL.

I've also updated release media, as seen here:

Happy updating, and happy LX-ing!

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