can you help what i have to do to sent you the omnios crash dump?
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Interesting that it seems to happen upon making the ixgbe driver do work. However, vmware logs don't do us much good here as they don't actually give us any valuable information. Would would need to see the crash info from OmniOS and a the crash dump.


> On Oct 14, 2016, at 6:37 AM, terminator2...@web.de wrote:
> Hello,
> i have some problems with omnios and VMware 6U2. I am not sure if it is VMware related or omnios related.
> First, my Hardware:
> X10SRL-F with XEON CPU
> 2x M1015 SAS Controller with IT Mode (Firmware P19)
> 1x Intel 540x-T1
> and one or two other PCIe Devices
> I have some issues with Passthru some PCIe devices.
> i create a VM with the newest omnios_bloody (bloody_20161006.iso).
> After that i passthru the 2x M1015 and import the exisiting pool -> no problem -> run's stable.
> (see log WITHOUT problems/crash: http://pastebin.com/Y0G5YHEg )
> After that i tried to passthru my intel x540-T1 NIC (and later a i210-NIC onboard-Port). About 10 seconds after omibos boot the vm just crashes.
> Sometimes it is stable for a bit longer and i can login and execute dladm show-phys or show-link but after that i crashes instantly.
> (see log WITH problems/crash: http://pastebin.com/gPNLrdg7 )
> I also tried to install omnios without vmware (native) and i have no problems at all. Omnios regocnize all discs on M1015 and x540 NIC and i210 NIC.
> I guess the issues are msi-x/interups related, but maybe you can help with that.
> Thanks, manuel
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