Tempted as this author was to post:   
Sport Saturday is watching the Olympics:  tune in tomorrow...   
Here are today's Sports sampling. 
The Olympics, that is the 2018  Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South 
Korea,started Thursday, and have been officially underway since the 
openingceremonies yesterday.  This writer mustadmit to enjoying the parade of 
athletes. Winter Olympics bring the added interest of seeing which countries 
areparticipating, and this year brings a record number. Seeing what 
designerclothes the athletes from nations are wearing or not wearing is 
As is now tradition, apparently, even for the WinterOlympics, shirtless Tongan 
Pita Taufatofua stole the show. He was in Rio in2016 for Taekwondo, and carried 
the Tonga flag in a national uniform, CoconutOil, and some sort of grass skirt. 
Imagine the surprise of many when this tropical island is entered, thisyear, in 
the Winter Olympics.  Pita isback to compete in cross-country skiing, a sport 
he had never done until afterthe summer games. Everyone else was bundled up in 
parkas, but not Pita. Theonly insulation he needs is coconut oil. The beauty of 
the Olympics is not justin the sports, apparently.   
Luge hits the track in PyeongChang with the men's singlescompetition today. 
Chris Mazdzer, a two-time Olympian from the U.S., hopes todispatch Felix Loch 
and a Germany team that took the gold medal in the event atthe 2014 Olympics in 
Sochi. Austria's Wolfgang Kindl also has high hopestoday.  Readers of this 
space will wellremember Germany's George Hackl (also a favourite of our own 
Rexswimguy)  Georgwho was the only Luger to have won medals atfive consecutive 
Olympics in Singles Luge. He was last reported as an assistant coach to the 
German squad, so youmight glimpse him on the sidelines.   
Slopestyle begins today in men's snowboarding with ChrisCorning and Red Gerard 
hoping to defend the gold.   

Team USA faces China in mixed doubles curling. China hasplaced in the last two 
World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships and should bein fine form today. 

The gold medal final in men's ski jumping (individual normalhill) and men's 
slopestyle qualification in snowboarding is also on tap fortoday.  Ski jumpers 
take to the AlpensiaSki Jumping Centre hoping to knock off Poland's Kamil 
Stoch, known to readersof this space, the reigning Olympic gold medal 
competitor.  Today also features the final in men's Alpinedownhill.  

In English Premier Leagues Soccer, today features Tottenhamvs. Arsenal at 
Wembley Stadium.  This isnot, as it were, the main competition.  Instead, it 
will be a hard fought competition, as each of these teamshopes to claw its way 
into the top four of the final standings, become eligiblefor inclusion in 
Champions League and other elite European competition.  This match will be a 
fascinating clash on somany levels and it has the trappings of a six-pointer in 
terms of the race fora top-four finish. Tottenham have come to feel at home at 
Wembley but Arsenal,who until last year had been quite comfortable as perennial 
members of the topfour,  have won on each of their previousnine visits to the 
national stadium.  

In the United States, in PGA golf competition, AT&TPebble Beach Pro-Am 
third-round play continues on California's MontereyPeninsula. Only the top 60 
players (and ties) make the cut for tomorrow's finalround. Three venues for 
this event today include Pebble Beach GL, MontereyPeninsula CC and Spyglass 
Hill GC. 
>From soccer, golf to Olympic competitions, all in all, someof us would rather 
>just watch a shirtless Tongan.   

Posted By Rex to SR at 2/10/2018 12:02:00 AM  

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