On Jul 13, 2018, at 4:35 PM, Marco Atzeri <marco.atz...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> For one. The C++ bindings are no longer part of the standard and they are 
>> not built by default in v3.1x. They will be removed entirely in Open MPI 
>> v5.0.0.

Hey Marco -- you should probably join our packagers mailing list:


Low volume, but intended exactly for packagers like you.  It's fairly recent; 
we realized we needed to keep in better communication with our downstream 

(+ompi-packagers to the CC)

As Nathan mentioned, we stopped building the MPI C++ bindings by default in 
Open MPI 3.0.  You can choose to build them with the configure --enable-mpi-cxx.

This is the current plan:

- In v4.0, we're no longer building a bunch of other deleted MPI-1 functions by 
default (which can be restored via --enable-mpi1-compat, and --enable-mpi-cxx 
will still work).

- In v5.0, delete all the C++ bindings and the deleted MPI-1 functions.

Jeff Squyres

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