Open MPI v2.1.4rc1 has been pushed.  It is likely going to be the last in the 
v2.1.x series (since v4.0.0 is now visible on the horizon).  It is just a bunch 
of bug fixes that have accumulated since v2.1.3; nothing huge.  We'll encourage 
users who are still using the v2.1.x series to upgrade to this release; it 
should be a non-event for anyone who has already upgraded to the v3.0.x or 
v3.1.x series.

If no serious-enough issues are found, we plan to release 2.1.4 this Friday, 
August 10, 2018.

Please test!

Bug fixes/minor improvements:
- Disable the POWER 7/BE block in configure.  Note that POWER 7/BE is
  still not a supported platform, but it is no longer automatically
  disabled.  See
  for more information.
- Fix bug with request-based one-sided MPI operations when using the
  "rdma" component.
- Fix issue with large data structure in the TCP BTL causing problems
  in some environments.  Thanks to @lgarithm for reporting the issue.
- Minor Cygwin build fixes.
- Minor fixes for the openib BTL:
  - Support for the QLogic RoCE HCA
  - Support for the Boradcom Cumulus RoCE HCA
  - Enable support for HDR link speeds
- Fix MPI_FINALIZED hang if invoked from an attribute destructor
  during the MPI_COMM_SELF destruction in MPI_FINALIZE.  Thanks to
  @AndrewGaspar for reporting the issue.
- Java fixes:
  - Modernize Java framework detection, especially on OS X/MacOS.
    Thanks to Bryce Glover for reporting and submitting the fixes.
  - Prefer "javac -h" to "javah" to support newer Java frameworks.
- Fortran fixes:
  - Use conformant dummy parameter names for Fortran bindings.  Thanks
    to Themos Tsikas for reporting and submitting the fixes.
  - Build the MPI_SIZEOF() interfaces in the "TKR"-style "mpi" module
    whenever possible.  Thanks to Themos Tsikas for reporting the
  - Fix array of argv handling for the Fortran bindings of
    MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE (and its associated man page).
  - Make NAG Fortran compiler support more robust in configure.
- Disable the "pt2pt" one-sided MPI component when MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE
  is used.  This component is simply not safe in MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE
  scenarios, and will not be fixed in the v2.1.x series.
- Make the "external" hwloc component fail gracefully if it is tries
  to use an hwloc v2.x.y installation.  hwloc v2.x.y will not be
  supported in the Open MPI v2.1.x series.
- Fix "vader" shared memory support for messages larger than 2GB.
  Thanks to Heiko Bauke for the bug report.
- Configure fixes for external PMI directory detection.  Thanks to
  Davide Vanzo for the report.

Jeff Squyres

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