The Open MPI community is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI

Now available for download from the Open MPI Website -

4.0.4 -- June, 2020


- Fix a memory patcher issue intercepting shmat and shmdt.  This was

  observed on RHEL 8.x ppc64le (see README for more info).

- Fix an illegal access issue caught using gcc's address sanitizer.

  Thanks to  Georg Geiser for reporting.

- Add checks to avoid conflicts with a libevent library shipped with LSF.

- Switch to linking against libevent_core rather than libevent, if present.

- Add improved support for UCX 1.9 and later.

- Fix an ABI compatibility issue with the Fortran 2008 bindings.

  Thanks to Alastair McKinstry for reporting.

- Fix an issue with rpath of /usr/lib64 when building OMPI on

  systems with Lustre.  Thanks to David Shrader for reporting.

- Fix a memory leak occurring with certain MPI RMA operations.

- Fix an issue with ORTE's mapping of MPI processes to resources.

  Thanks to Alex Margolin for reporting and providing a fix.

- Correct a problem with incorrect error codes being returned

  by OMPI MPI_T functions.

- Fix an issue with debugger tools not being able to attach

  to mpirun more than once.  Thanks to Gregory Lee for reporting.

- Fix an issue with the Fortran compiler wrappers when using

  NAG compilers.  Thanks to Peter Brady for reporting.

- Fix an issue with the ORTE ssh based process launcher at scale.

  Thanks to Benjamín Hernández for reporting.

- Address an issue when using shared MPI I/O operations.  OMPIO will

  now successfully return from the file open statement but will

  raise an error if the file system does not supported shared I/O

  operations.  Thanks to Romain Hild for reporting.

- Fix an issue with MPI_WIN_DETACH.  Thanks to Thomas Naughton for

Note this release addresses an ABI compatibility issue for the Fortran 2008

It will not be backward compatible with releases 4.0.0 through 4.0.3 for
applications making use of the Fortran 2008 bindings.
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