We're getting close: 4.1.0rc4 is now available.


The list of things left before v4.1.0 is final is getting very, very short.

Changes since rc3:

- Configury fixes for macOS Big Sur
- Minor one-sided RDMA performance improvements
- Fix OSHMEM compile error with some compilers
- hcoll: Scatterv MPI_IN_PLACE fixes
- mtl/ofi: Check cq_data_size without querying providers again
- Fix computation of process relative locality

We made an rc3 a short while ago, but I neglected to send the email about it.  
So here's the list of differences since rc2:

- HAN and ADAPT coll modules
- UCX zero-size datatype transfer fixes
- Take more steps towards "reproducible" builds
- AVX fixes
- Updates for mpirun(1) man page about "slots" and PE=x values
- Fix buffer allocation for large environment variables
- Fix cpu-list for non-uniform nodes
- Update Internal PMIx to OpenPMIx v3.2.1
- Disable man pages for internal OpenPMIx
- Fix some symbol pollution
- Make Type_create_resized set FLAG_USER_UB
- Fix OFI configury CPPFLAGS to find fabric.h
- mtl/ofi: Do not fail if error CQ is empty
- mtl/ofi: Fix erroneous FI_PEEK/FI_CLAIM usage
- Update coll tuned thresholds for modern HPC environments

Jeff Squyres

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