The Open MPI community is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI
Now available for download from the Open MPI Website -
  4.0.5 -- August, 2020
  - Fix a problem with MPI RMA compare and swap operations.  Thanks
    to Wojciech Chlapek for reporting.
  - Disable binding of MPI processes to system resources by Open MPI
    if an application is launched using SLURM's srun command.
  - Disable building of the Fortran mpi_f08 module when configuring
    Open MPI with default 8 byte Fortran integer size.  Thanks to
    @ahcien for reporting.
  - Fix a problem with mpirun when the --map-by option is used.
    Thanks to Wenbin Lyu for reporting.
  - Fix some issues with MPI one-sided operations uncovered using Global
    Arrays regression test-suite.  Thanks to @bjpalmer for reporting.
  - Fix a problem with make check when using the PGI compiler.  Thanks to
    Carl Ponder for reporting.
  - Fix a problem with MPI_FILE_READ_AT_ALL that could lead to application
    hangs under certain circumstances.  Thanks to Scot Breitenfeld for
  - Fix a problem building C++ applications with newer versions of GCC.
    Thanks to Constantine Khrulev for reporting.

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