The second release candidate for PRRTE v3.0.1 is now ready for test:

Please give it a spin and report any problems.

Changes in rc2:
PR #1696: Always set waitpid-fired flag when proc exits
PR #1694: Fix passing of envars for spawn
PR #1692: Multiple commits
  - Plug small memory leaks
  - Adhere to project's variable declaration convention
  - Cleanup initial implementation of allocate and session control
  - Protect one more place for session_control
  - Fix the routing for non-tree-spawn launch
  - Cleanup prte_info output
  - Ensure we exit cleanly when a daemon fails to start
  - Store prted URI under correct name
  - Remove duplicate computation of routing tree
  - Minor cleanup of verbose output
  - Send direct to HNP if we don't know a route
  - Cleanup some mangled formatting
  - Cleanup some debug output
  - Update the pmix server integration

PR #1686: Update config/oac submodule
PR #1682: Multiple commits
  - Remove wrapper definitions
  - Extend example to check for sessionID and jobID

PR #1678: Multiple commits
  - Add --debug-daemon to prted options
  - Add the rml and routed types to prte_info array

PR #1674: Ensure cmd line errors provide error messages
PR #1672: Multiple commits
  - Correct default binding for map-by node/slot
  - Provide better error message for cross-package binding
  - Add missing command line directives
  - Fix minor issues found in tests
  - Silence compiler warning in test/connect
  - Silence compiler warnings in examples
  - Use exit macros in example dmodex
  - Remove antiquated code that can cause problems
  - Update sphinx requirements
  - Remove the PMIX_SIZE_ESTIMATE support

PR #1660: Correct function name when using older hwloc versions
PR #1658: Multiple commits
  - Properly handle overload-allowed
  - Define MIN for environments that lack it
  - Fix a typo in the README
  - Fix Sphinx parsing error

PR #1644: Multiple commits
  - Add a spawn_multiple test
  - Provide an estimate of the size of registration data
  - Provide size estimates for collective operations that return data
  - Add an option to display the available CPUs
  - Fix generate_dist type
  - Protect against missing attribute definition
  - Set distances array type
  - Add "parseable" display qualifier
  - Generate distances by default
  - Show help message when mapping too low
  - Fix round-robin by obj with multiple cpus/rank
  - Fix map-by slot and node for multiple cpus/rank

PR #1633: First cut of Sphinx/ReadTheDocs docs
PR #1626: Remove unused variable

Changes in rc1:
PR #1622: Multiple commits
  - Don't error out on binding if not required
  - Check for and track scheduler attachment
  - Accept local group op upcalls
  - Add an IOF stress test
  - Protect against earlier PMIx versions
  - Pass our event base for use by the PMIx library as an aux base
  - Update to compatibility with PMIx master branch
  - Silence warning - add return values
  - Begin adding support for new server module fn pointer
  - Designate the framework project as PRTE
  - Minor touchups of the "fault" example
  - Include topology in allocated node info
  - Remove debug
  - Extend query support to include allocation info
  - Update version to 3.0.1
PR #1600: Multiple commits
  - Minor change to check_os_flavors
  - Don't emit an error output if not needed

PR #1597: Fix oac_check_package.m4
PR #1595: build: fix bashisms in configure

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