Hi Mazin,

Thanks for you suggestion. Yes, there are certain levels of repetition of 
technology and algorithms between ESR and A&AI.  And there're also some area 
A&AI haven't covered in its scope such as the registration and health check of 
external system, the model definition of VNFM and EMS. I will contact with A&AI 
team to figure out how to address these issues and the potential of cooperation 




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Thanks for putting the proposal together. The TSC will be continuing a review 
cycle over the next 2 weeks.

I realize the difference and the need of having a system register for external 

but the question is whether this should be a separate project that may cause 
further dilution. 

If the technology and the algorithms used for supporting ESR are similar to 
others like those

used in A&AI, but the type of data is different then I don’t see the need for 
separate systems.
I can see many situations like life cycle management of VNFs using closed loop 
automation where

doing post health checks are critical after repairing a failure. So having both 
platform and external system 

data available in one place are key.
In general, the TSC will look very closely on projects that need merger to help 
unify the community

and strengthen the developer ecosystem. You are getting good feedback from the 
community and 

I suggest you look closer.


On May 17, 2017, at 5:31 AM, li.z...@zte.com.cn wrote:

Hi Avi,
ESR will not only store and manage configuration of VIM, but also the 
configuration of VNFM/SDNC/EMS. It  provides a service to centralized 
management of the information of different kinds of external systems. And it 
will be used by SO/SDC/VF-C etc.

When comes to multi-vim, we suggest that multi-vim using ESR as a dependency 
component, obtaining the connect  information and status of VIM from ESR. For 
this point, we can have a further discussion.


Best regards,






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Reading the project scope it seems to me a real time configuration repository 
for external system location and credential specifically for VIM.

Probably this should be part of the multi-vim project which should own and 
manage this configuration.


I assume that  the component which is used for  storing/managing this 
configuration can be shared across different projects and/or might offered to  
be  a service  which any component can use.





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Proposal: External System Register


I have to agree with Jacopo and Steve, that’s not business logic that’s basic 
endpoint health checking.


So to clarify on my and their inputs, it still seems like to me that the entire 
scope of this project is covered by some combination of A&AI, ONAP OM  or MSB 
depending  on who you ask / how you look at it.


ONAP Operations manager in particular mentions (Which seems to cover most of 
your stuff.)


·  Platform Monitoring & healing: Monitor platform state, Platform health 
checks, fault tolerance and self-healing


Can you please work with someone like David Sauvageau on that project to be 
sure you have no overlap?



Daniel Rose





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Hi Jacopo,


Thanks for your quick response. The business logic can be information 
verification before store the data to A&AI, and heartbeat detection of the 
system state. 

For example, a user sent the authentic url, tenant, username and password of 
VIM to ESR. ESR try to connect the VIM with these information. After authentic 
succeed, ESR store these VIM information to A&AI, do heartbeat detection for 
VIM status and  present  the system status to user. 


Best regards,






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Not clear what the business logic is. Sent from my iPhone

 On May 15, 2017, at 8:21 PM, "li.z...@zte.com.cn" <li.z...@zte.com.cn> wrote:

Hi Jacopo, Steve:


Actually, ESR has some business logic to deal with about external system, such 
as information verification,  which is out the scope of A&AI. When comes to the 
realization, ESR will be realized relying on A&AI (store the external system 
data in A&AI). 










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主 题 :RE: [onap-tsc] Project Proposal: External System Register



I would agree with Steve about the need to limit overlap between subprojects


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While I agree with the need of the external elements to be registered, is there 
a reason for why we need  a separate  register in addition to A&AI? (note: I 
saw that Catherine   had a comment with a similar lines).  It may also relate 
to catalogue - LiZi, have you had a chance to chat with the A&AI Project 
(https://wiki.onap.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3246952     ).


Best Regards,




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Proposal: External System Register



We would like to formally propose the External System Register project for ONAP.
ONAP components need to talk with external systems such as VIM/VNFM/SDNC/EMS to 
orchestrate a network service, for example, SO/VF-C need to talk with VIM to 
allocate resource  and VNFM    to deploy a VNF. So they should get the 
information of available external systems from a registry before call the 
Interfaces of these external systems.  ESR provides a service to centralized 
management of the information (name, vendor, version,  acess end   point,  
etc.) of external systems. So the ONAP components can get the system 
information with unified API from a logical single point.
The proposal wiki page, which includes details of the project description 
(including sub projects), project scopes, and proposed repo names, can be found 
at: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/External+System+Register 





李滋 lizi


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