Just open a helpdesk ticket to LF and have Jessica ensure the settings for 
VNFSDK exist. Most likely they are not there yet which is the error you are 
currently seeing.

Keep note that the sandbox Jenkins server has no access rights to upload jars 
to nexus as well as upload sonar results. It has very limited capabilities so 
most likely your jobs will end up ultimately failing anyway once the settings 
are there.

Not really much of a sandbox but it can help a little bit when prototyping a 
new job.

Good luck


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Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 5:25 AM
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Subject: [onap-discuss] sonar and clm jenkins jobs fails on sandbox

I'd like to run the sonar and CLM jobs for my project.
To do so, I've first updated the jjb templates for my project and followed the 
wiki indications : 

The jjb template used to generate the job config is as follows:
- project:
    name: vnfsdk-ice
    project-name: 'vnfsdk-ice'
    project: 'vnfsdk/ice'
      - 'master':
          branch: 'master'
      - ice:
          path: '.'
          pattern: '**'
    mvn-settings: 'vnfsdk-ice-settings'
    build-node: ubuntu1604-basebuild-4c-4g
      - gerrit-maven-clm
      - '{project-name}-{stream}-{subproject}-verify-python'

but when I run the sonar job on the jenkins sandbox, it fails:

The first error seems to be due to a missing maven settings file  :

07:48:07 provisioning config files...

07:48:07 copy managed file [global-settings] to 

07:48:07 not able to provide the file [ManagedFile: id=vnfsdk-ice-settings, 
targetLocation=, variable=SETTINGS_FILE], can't be resolved by any provider - 
maybe it got deleted by an administrator?
I have also tried to run a sonar job, but it failed too.
Does any one knows what's wrong ?

thanks !



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