Hi All,

I was about to mention the results of our two polls but got not enough time to 
do so.

1)      Naming Convention Poll (I also count in two opinions expressed in the 

Option 1: 16 people, 6 company

Option 3: 8 people, 3 company

Option 1 takes the lead, and if there’re no further objections, we’ll use the 
same names/naming conventions as IFA011 has.

2)      Future Meeting Time Poll:

The most preferred slot (6 votes): Tue 9~10 pm (Beijing)

The second preferred slot (4 votes): Fri 9~10 pm (Beijing)

If there’re no further comments, we will start our future meetings at Tue 9~10 
pm (Beijing) and have the other slot as a substitute.

Best regards,
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