Hi Xu,
Thanks for the summary.  With respect to naming convention poll, I would like 
to share of what I just posted on the wiki page.

I would like to share with the team on the result from ETSI NFV IFA WG 
discussion on the IE and attributes renaming.  At the time the development of 
IFA011 and IFA014 IM models, IFA WG adopted a set of guidelines of their naming 
convention for the information model.  Last week, ETSI NFV ISG released the IFA 
naming conventions and abbreviations documents. The documents are publicly 
available at 
  My understanding is that these documents should clarify the changes request 
by ONAP with respect to renaming IEs or attributes.  Please note that these 
documents are applicable to the IFA documents (Stage 2 type of specification).


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Hi All,

I was about to mention the results of our two polls but got not enough time to 
do so.

1)       Naming Convention Poll (I also count in two opinions expressed in the 

Option 1: 16 people, 6 company

Option 3: 8 people, 3 company

Option 1 takes the lead, and if there’re no further objections, we’ll use the 
same names/naming conventions as IFA011 has.

2)       Future Meeting Time Poll:

The most preferred slot (6 votes): Tue 9~10 pm (Beijing)

The second preferred slot (4 votes): Fri 9~10 pm (Beijing)

If there’re no further comments, we will start our future meetings at Tue 9~10 
pm (Beijing) and have the other slot as a substitute.

Best regards,
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