As I'm unable to attend the early discussions regarding the R2 IM model, I
hope you will please take my feedback into consideration.

The ETSI descriptors (classes) that we map into R2 IM descriptor classes
all have identifiers, i.e. VNFDesc (vnfdId), VDUDesc (vduId), etc.

The ETSI datatypes that we map into R2 descriptor classes DON'T have id's,
as they are originally datatypes, i.e. VirtualCPUDesc, VirtualMemoryDesc,
LogicalNodeDesc, etc.

Descriptors are a type of "resource specification", and as such they ALL
should have id's, particularly if you want to retrieve them via a Resource
Catalog NBI.

I would therefore propose one of the following solutions:

1. Have a "ResourceSpecification" abstract base class that contains "id",
and remove identifiers from the descriptor classes, which inherit from that
base class.

2. Add identifiers to all the ETSI datatypes that we mapped to descriptor
classes, such as mentioned above.

Could this please be put on an agenda for discussion.
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