Hi Santiago,

Yes.  When deploying ONAP via OOM you’ll clone several scripts including 
 which contains the following environment variable:
HELM_APPS=('consul' 'msb' 'mso' 'message-router' 'sdnc' 'vid' 'robot' 'portal' 
'policy' 'appc' 'aai' 'sdc' 'dcaegen2' 'log' 'cli' 'multicloud' 'clamp' 
'vnfsdk' 'uui' 'aaf' 'vfc' 'esr')

Just edit this list to include the component you consider part of the ‘light 
version’ and when you deploy ONAP you’ll get just the subset you’re interested 
in.  Keep in mind that there are dependencies between the components (for 
example many components require message-router) that need to be satisfied.

P.S. The OOM team is working towards making this even easier, stay tuned…

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Hi all,
sorry if this is not the best forum to make this question but I deeply searched 
in the wiki and I didn't find a better option.
Is there a way to install/deploy an ONAP reduced resources or light version?

I'm trying to install the platform in my company local environment but i don't 
have the hughe amount of resources required by the full installation, and the 
component by component installation is not always well documented or uses 
references to not existing/deprecated code.
I saw that Beijing release will have a "light" version but I don't know if it's 
available to test.

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