First of all thanks for reading the documentation and providing feedback.  See 
my answers below:


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Hi Roger,

A few questions about the new OOM documentation.

In OOM User Guide "Install Helm Repo" 
 the repo osn is mentioned without being created first, and the rest of the 
page uses the repo local.  In the same section, is the command "helm install 
local/onap -name development" missing a namespace?  And also should it be 
"--name development" instead of "-name development"?

RM> The OOM team is currently working with the Linux Foundation to get a 
central repo setup for the helm charts.  Until this is complete the build your 
own repo is the best option.  I did put a note on this page that the ‘osn’ repo 
isn’t available (I’m not even certain that is what it will be called once it’s 
available).  The kubernetes namespace is now an optional parameter.  If the 
namespace is left out ‘default’ will be used.  The ‘--name’ (you’re correct and 
the fix is already merged) refers to the helm release which allows for even 
more flexibility in your ONAP deployment.

In OOM User Guide "Configure" 
 there is some discussion about the top level onap/values.yaml file followed by 
an example of onap-production.yaml.  Why does the top level onap/values.yaml 
file (in the git repository) not have the same section on vnfDeployment as the 
sample onap-production.yaml?  What is the VNF development environment when 
installing ONAP using the default top level onap/values.yaml?  Is the old 
oom/kubernetes/config/onap-parameters.yaml obsolete?

RM> Yes the entire oom/kubernetes/config directory is obsolete.  The 
documentation is a little rough here and needs to be updated to content 
matching gerrit. What I was trying to illustrate here is that one can use their 
own private configuration file(s) to override parameters throughout the entire 
ONAP deployment.  I’ll update the documentation.

Thanks in advance for answering.

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> The ONAP Operations Manager (OOM) is the official tool for management of the 
> life-cycle of ONAP components in the > Beijing release.  To aid in the use of 
> OOM a new set of documentation has been released at the official 
> > site.



>   *   ONAP Operations Manager 
> Project<<>>
>  ? an overview with links to other documents

>   *   OOM Quick Start 
> Guide<>
>  - deploy ONAP on an existing cloud

>   *   OOM User 
> Guide<>
>  - a guide for operators of an ONAP instance

>   *   OOM Developer 
> Guide<>
>  - a guide for developers of OOM and ONAP

>   *   OOM Cloud Setup 
> Guide<>
>  - a guide for those setting up cloud environments that ONAP will use

> The Developer Guide and Cloud Setup Guide are still under development so 
> you?ll need to use the 
> wikis<>, but 
> the Quick Start Guide and User Guide should be useful as is.  As always, we 
> welcome all feedback on the documentation as we?re striving to make it as 
> useful as possible.


> Thanks,

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