Hi Everyone,

I'm working on TOSCA file import on SDC and I'm using amsterdam release. I  
created a csar file and I submitted it on SDC. But  I cannot onboarding my csar 
file. I have an error "Requested resource was not found".  I research this 
error on SDC's code and  I saw this comment "  Note that RESOURCE_IN_USE case 
passes hardcoded "resource" string to the error parameter. This means that if 
Resource object will also be used for Service, this code needs to be refactored 
and we should tell Resource from Service."  Firstly  I thought it about 
"metadata" parameters in  MainServiceTemplate.yaml file.  But  this error 
didn't change when  I add metadata parameters. What do I need to make? Can 
someone help me? (I send a attachment about this error.)

Have a nice day

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