Hello ONAPers!

I have a few questions on the Close loop implementation.

1.       How is DCAE collector able to uniquely identify the source of an 
event; Recommendations for DCAE collector deployment.
The VES agent for the vFWCL demo usecase embeds certain attributes 
(sourceName/Id, reportingEntitytName/Id, eventName) in the VES message which 
allow other components to identify the source of message, correlate it to some 
entity in AAI to enrich it later. Through the “eventName” the policy to be 
applied is also identified.
However, when using say a Juniper VNF, the event (which may not be VES) must 
have a bare minimum set of attributes so that the VES collector is able to 
uniquely identify the source of event and embed necessary fields in VES format 
for further processing. What are the ways in which this can be accomplished? 
Also, what are guidelines or recommendations around deploying DCAE collectors? 
Is a collector deployed in a context: for e.g. one collector per Openstack 
region? This shall affect the way in which DCAE collector can know the source 
of an event it collects and transforms to VES.

2.       Policy actor service provider implementation
Today the actor implementation it supports the existing demo usecases and if I 
need to create new policies (for new VNFs) I will need to change the SO/APPC 
actor implementation and in case of APPC also modify the listener in APPC. Is 
there a plan going forward to have a generic framework or a way to ingest 
policy actions (through CLAMP maybe?) without much development effort.

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