Hi Beka,

NetconfDeviceNode.java has been decommissioned. That is why your gerrit query 
is not able to see that source code. Again, “com.att.ecomp” has been refactored 
to “org.onap” in APPC’s gerrit.

I would suggest you search appc build in ONAP’s wiki to see how to build APPC 
from scratch. And netconf function is working well in ONAP community.



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Hi Taka,

As I pointed out already I'm using APP-C version 1.2.0. However despite of 
version, APP-C seems to be self-contained and package naming in the DG and 
actual code should be in sync!

I can confirm there is no such class in my running environment, for example 
this returns no results:
opendaylight-user@root>bundle:find-class NetconfDeviceNode

However this - does:
opendaylight-user@root>bundle:find-class FlowControlNode

Flow Executor - Provider (430)

Also there is no gerrit change associated with NetconfDeviceNode: 
 That's why I asked if APP-C is ready and if ECOMP has fully merged into ONAP 
(at least APP-C parts). Can you confirm you have tested NETCONF scenario and it 


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HI Beka,

I see your problem. APPC refactored the naming space from com.att  to org.onap 
in R2. I am not sure what version you are using now. The plugin for R2 would be 
“org.onap.appc.device.interfaces.node.NetconfDeviceNode” for DownloadNetconf DG.

R2 release sign off would be 5/24. If you want use R2, then you would wait 
after 5/24.

Hope that would help


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Subject: Re: [onap-discuss] APP-C incomplete?


thank you for the response.

Unfortunately the links provided by you do not make much sense for me, since 
they do not address the issues I'm facing. More important questions are still 
open: is my assumption correct that DOWNLOAD_CONFIG_DG should be set to 
DownloadNetconfConfig/DownloadRestconfConfig in case of NETCONF? If yes why are 
plugins com.att.appc.device.interfaces.node.NetconfDeviceNode and 
com.att.sdnctl.restconf.RestConfCallNode missing?


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Hi Beka,

Thanks for interested on APPC.

We will answer your question that you posted on wiki later.

APPC is ready for netconf. Here is the page when APPC tested for R1: 

APPC is ready for ansible.  Here is the source code that APPC supports for 



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Dear all,

I'm reposting this question here, please have a look: 

Also we have trouble establishing NETCONF connection from APP-C to the south. 
Above question partially applies here too - what to specify in 
DOWNLOAD_CONFIG_DG.CONFIGURE_ACTION_DG? We tried both DownloadNetconfConfig and 
DownloadRestconfConfig, but plugins 
com.att.appc.device.interfaces.node.NetconfDeviceNode and 
can not be resolved at runtime (appc version 1.2.0), neither are they presented 
in the codebase (v1.2.0 and latest master).

Important questions that arise: is APP-C ready for NETCONF? Is APP-C ready for 
Ansible? I have an impression that some parts of ECOMP are not still merged 
into ONAP. Can you confirm if this is the case? If yes when should we expect 
functional APP-C?

I have other issues as well to report, but I would like to get clarifications 
on this first.

Thank you and kind regards,

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