The security team is working on a 
page(https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Recommended+Protocols) that gives an 
outline of what protocols to use and what to avoid. Currently, we have entries 
for Rest based clients and adding a section for SSH.
We wanted to add a section for DMaaP(Kafka) as well since it will be used by 
multiple services. In my research for DMaaP, I see that there are 2 ways you 
can use DMaap

  1.  Using the REST-based API client
  2.  Through the UI(DMD)
I want to confirm if there is any other way to communicate with DMaaP other 
than the REST-based client or the UI. If there are other ways through with the 
services interact with DMaaP then we need to add that to the recommendation 
list as well.
So anyone from DMaaP team can confirm this that will be great.
Also if anyone else can think of any other protocols that is being used in ONAP 
please let us know so that we can update the page.

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