I think the DHCP on that side of the vGW might not be working correctly.

I checked over the data in the integration environment and test data from Kang 
and I think we are setting the CPE_SIGNALING IP on the vGW via preload.

                                  "name": "vgw_private_ip_2",
                                  "value": ""

Add vgw_private_ip_2 to the VGW2BRG-fa:16:3e:8a:bd:93 preload (or whatever your 
BRG MAC Address is)

And see if that unblocks the second vGW


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Not sure why the neutron stack is rejecting that create since that IP should be 
assigned by the vdns VM on the CPE_PUBIC subnet not by the neutron heat stack 
BTW the vGW1 should have gotten not if it was the first 
gateway to come up.

The dhcp addresses on the CPE_PUBLIC subnet are assigned by the vdns VNF and 
the log file is:
      "output": "/var/log/kea-dhcp4.log"

Also look in  /var/lib/kea/kea-leases4.csv to see if you are getting the DHCP 
lease assignments expected.

Kang did get multiple vGW/vBRGs working but he did have to change his scripts 
for it. He is expected back on Thursday and can probably provide better insight 
if we cant solve it before then.


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    When we test vcpe use case, we had create a Vxlan tunnel success with a 
vbrg instance and a vgw named vgw1 instance. So we want to create another 
VxLANs tunnel. First, we create a new vbrg instance and success.  But there is 
an error when create the vgw instance named vgw2, the error message is: 
"Received vfModuleException from VnfAdapter: category='INTERNAL' 
message='Exception during create VF 0 : Stack error (CREATE_FAILED): Resource 
CREATE failed: Conflict:      resources.vgw_private_2_port: IP address 
already allocated in subnet bb73e612-d22c-4537-a978-cf2ac9a7e8be\nNeutron 
server returns request_ids: ['req-8e0af890-9aa0-47bd-b950-8a cc6378f7dd'] - 
stack successfully deleted' rolledBack='true'".
    The error message show this information "IP address already 
allocated ", we check the ip address and found that is the first vgw1's ip, so 
it seems vDHCP instance don't allocate right IP address to vgw2 instance. So we 
want to know how to find where is ip address allocate and how to solve this 


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