Dear Arul,

Please include Golang too.  Multi VIM/Cloud team will hug Golang in the coming 
releases for advantages with this programming language. K8s plugin could be the 
first try in Casablanca.

Xinhui Li
PTL of Multi VIM/Cloud

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Hi Arul,

Please do include Python as well to the list. There are quite a few projects 
that have significant Python code bases. OOF, for instance, is a pure python 
project, and would need python support from the tools used for code 


On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 10:07 AM Arul Nambi 
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Hi PTL’s/Community,
In the security committee we are looking for the list of languages that needs 
to be supported when we come up with new tools for code coverage and static 
Currently we know of

  1.  Java(ofcourse)
  2.  Javascript
We think that we will need PHP and Phyton, but need confirmation from the 
projects(preferably PTLs) about the language support that is needed and the 
name of the project.
There is a query in gerrit which can be used to find projects with certain file 
extensions, but it hard think of all the languauges.
Once we have a complete list I can update the wiki page so that in future we 
will know the languages that we support.

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