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Subject: RE: [DMaaP] - PTL Nominations

Dear ONAP DMaaP Committers,

I would like to nominate myself for the role of PTL of ONAP DMaaP project.

I was the PTL of ONAP DMaaP project in the past year and delivered both 
Amsterdam and Beijing release. I've been with AT&T for more than 6 years, 
during which I developed many solutions including highly scalable enterprise 
grade CICD enabled microservice, data analytics and machine learning reusable 
templates minimizing application development allowing developers to focus on 
core business functions.  Also provided product vision, architecture and 
leadership to API platform modernization supporting microservices by delivering 
Docker/Kubernetes based platform, Java, node.js and python based enterprise 
grade application development templates.

My overall qualifications:

I had over 25+ years of experience working as lead architect of large-scale, 
mission-critical projects including open sourcing common platforms and 
frameworks, and also adopting a lot of opensource products with in enterprises. 
Led the product architecture and development of highly innovative and 
self-sufficiency tools, frameworks and SDKs supporting 180k+ wireless 
application developers, 200+ partners and 2000+ enterprises in creating mobile 
applications. Launched many of the industry first mobile data products and 
solutions in the world, including launching the first mobile app store, first 
mobile handsets that supported OTA app downloads, handset and product launches 
involving 3G, 4G and LTE networks.

I enjoyed working with you in the past and hope to continue getting your 
support going forward.

Ram Koya

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Subject: [DMaaP] - PTL Nominations

Dear DmaaP committers,

As mandated by ONAP process, PTL elections must be held at least once a year. 
You can read more details here: 

If you are interested in DMaaP PTL position, Please reply to all to do 

We will close the self-nomination window by 23:59 PDT July 13th, Friday, 2018.  
Further instructions will be sent out to the committers on the election 
procedure.  The final result will be announced on the ONAP lists before 7/19.

Ram Koya

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