SDNC supports netconf as well – it just needed to be activated – I asked Dan to 
include that in future SDNC persona’s (its can be done after the controller is 
brought up but its a one line change in the config to do it as part of initial 
install so might as well)

WRT to the honeycomb VNF I think that is the right path since we would get both 
a config and operational tree to drive closed loops (with memory)

I havent tried this but I got the reference from our OpenROADM folks who are 
working on TransportPCE with Orange and others.

Maybe Eric knows<> (but its a 
big company)  ?


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I think it’s a good idea. I remember we talked about this a while ago, and I 
still believe it’s worth the effort. In particular, I agree on implementing 
APIs that can be used by controllers to execute LCM operations against the 
VNFs. In this regard, we have experience with Honeycomb, which we extensively 
used for the vFW and vLB use cases. The good news is that Honeycomb supports 
both Netconf and Rest APIs, which makes it even more appealing, considering 
that we also want SDNC to be able to talk to the VNF (SDNC supports Rest at 
this time).

Let’s talk on Wednesday during the integration meeting.


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At the last Integration team meeting there was a discussion about the need for 
a test VNF which had a different focus to the vFW that we are using now.

I had created a task some time ago related to this and it seems like there is 
some enthusiasm for this now so I will try to follow up an report back to the 
integration team with a way forward.

Can you please look at the Jira<>
 for my initial thinking and look at<>
 @ 05:26:40

I have created a sub tack which is to try and move the story forward. I intend 
to report back to the Integration team next week.

At this stage I would like to confirm requirements and find proposed ways 
forward e.g. do we develop something ourselves can we inherit something from 
some other opensource project etc.

Please reply to this thread with any ideas/proposals or leave comments on the 
JIRA and I will correlate it back to the integration team for a proposed way 



I have previously made a “dummy” VNF which was just an extension of the Apache 
MINA project with a “toy” netconf subsystem added. This didn’t supply a netconf 
server as it had no persistence but it allowed APPC to communicate with the 
endpoint exposed. It allowed the responses to be configured in runtime via 
groovy scripts with no compile time effort. I’m not sure if this a good way to 
proceed as it would mean us (ONAP) developing and maintaining a test VNF.

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