We are not familiar with the proposal and not sure how it would impact the
service modeling discussion or documentation.

Since it is asking for agreement on adopting universally for all the
modeling areas, so I feel that we are not in the place of committing to it
right now.





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Subject: [onap-tsc] [modeling] Call for agreement on lifecycle stereotype


Hello, modelers,


This is a call for agreement on using the lifecycle stereotype according to
the last call.

Information of the proposal can be found at


Agreements need to be reached across the modeling subcommittee are:

*       Agree on using lifecycle stereotype and following the
definitions/state machine for the resource IM
*       Agree on adopting the same approach for other modeling areas


Deadline for this call is July 11th, PST 00:00. Please comment on the
mailing list if you have any concerns.


Best regards,



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