Hi Jessie,

Maybe I misunderstood your previous comment, I’m ok if we can align with the 
current GenDoc output format.

@Hui, it seems no more comments are received, can we conclude that the proposal 
is agreed by the subcommittee?


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Hi Xu-
    That's the reason I made the comment. The wiki should be aligned with how 
GenDoc outputs the applied stereotypes, and the way I described is how GenDoc 
does it.

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Hi Jessie,

The comment is valid, but would you prefer to mark the lifecycle of the model 
on the wiki in a different way, i.e., using Experimental, Faulty, etc. directly?
I think it would be better to align with the GenDoc outputs now, though they 
may not be proper. Because it’s very likely that we will use Gendoc to update 
the wiki in the future, having the format aligned will ease the work.


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Just a minor comment:
The lifecycle states ARE the applied stereotypes, not something called 
"lifecycle: XYZ". That's how GenDoc outputs them today. So, as an example, the 
applied stereotype for an artifact would be "Experimental". Otherwise, it looks 
like your applied stereotype is "lifecycle".

Also, I have an action item to determine the triggers for the various state 
transitions, but that shouldn't block approval of this proposal.

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 1:07 AM, denghui (L) 
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Hello, modelers,

This is a call for agreement on using the lifecycle stereotype according to the 
last call.
Information of the proposal can be found at 

Agreements need to be reached across the modeling subcommittee are:

•       Agree on using lifecycle stereotype and following the definitions/state 
machine for the resource IM

•       Agree on adopting the same approach for other modeling areas

Deadline for this call is July 11th, PST 00:00. Please comment on the mailing 
list if you have any concerns.

Best regards,


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