Hi Robert,

rob...@garrettfamily.us wrote:
> Thanks for the push in the right direction, I actually have it working
> now.

> One more quick question just because I'm being lazy at the moment:  in
> LOGGER, is there a function/method I can call that will tell me 1)
> that it is being invoked from a 'parent' calling routine (as opposed
> to being started from a command prompt) and 2) what the name of that
> parent routine is?
In 3.x this seems to not be possible.

Not sure about 4.x which introduces a context object that may allow for
that (also not sure whether it would be possible to get at the call
stack and the respective context objects).

Probably only Rick may be able to answer this.


P.S.: Because of your new question I changed the subject line.

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