Rick McGuire wrote:
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> Libraries are NOT the same as ooRexx files loaded via ::requires.
> They don't have the concept of
> "public_routines" and "public_classes"  Libraries don't even define
> "classes", only the code backing methods
> that can be used in class definitions. A ::requires LIBRARY merely
> ensures that an external
> library is a vailable and is loaded befere the program starts
> executing.  The routines in the library
> are GLOBAL, not PUBLIC, which is a concept that only applies to
> routines created using
> ::ROUTINE in another Rexx source package.
O.K. so for using the same terms and to not mixing-up concepts I would
use the term "library" for (global) routines loaded from native code,
and "package" for "Rexx source package" for routines and classes defined
in a Rexx program that gets called or required and which public routines
and public classes are accessible thereafter.

So there are two different sets of questions then.

Questions ad libraries:

    * is it possible to learn which global routines are present (loaded) ?
    * is it possible to learn which libraries are present (loaded) ?

Questions ad packages:

    * using one interpreter instance to execute one Rexx program "D.rex"
      that requires a package (e.g. named "DEF.rex"), that defines
      public routines and public classes,
    * after the program "D.rex" ended and using the same interpreter
      instance to execute another Rexx program "G.rex": are the public
      routines and classes from the previously required "DEF.rex"
      visible available to "G.rex", although the package "DEF.rex" was
      required by a different program "D.rex" that ran before invoking

If "package" would not be the right term for "Rexx source package", what
term should be used instead?


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